About Us

Flachtemeier Monument Company has been serving the Freeport community for more than 140 years.

Flachtemeier Monuments first opened its doors in 1874, and through the work of an ambitious young teen and the help of his brother, it has grown into a strong, reliable company known for its quality memorial products and attention to detail.

Frederick Flachtemeier was born in Prussia on July 5th, 1851 to Christian and Minnie Flachtemeier. The family immigrated to America in 1867 and after arriving in New York decided to move west, where they eventually settled in Freeport, Ill. Before arriving in America, Frederick started to learn the stone cutting trade at age 12. When Frederick arrived in Freeport, he was 16. He then went to work for Mr. H. Nott, who taught Frederick not only how to cut stone, but how to operate a business.

In 1874 Frederick opened his first monument business, Freeport Marble and Stone Works, on Galena Street. He was in operation for nine years before deciding in 1884 to go into business with his brother W. H. Flachtemeier. The name of the business change to Flachtemeier Bros. Monument Works and the brothers started construction on a new business house on Stephenson Street in January of 1885. The company moved into the 40x60 foot, two story high building in 1886.

Flachtemeier Bros. Monument Works specialized in both plain and ornamental stone cutting. The business served Ogle, Jo Daviess, Champaign, Stephenson and parts of other surrounding counties. The company employed ten to 15 men and operated year-round. Flachtemeier Bros. Monument Works quickly became the largest monument company in Northwest Illinois and was easily recognized by its two-story brick building with its glass front display. The quality of craftsmanship made it the premier monument company in the entire area.

After Frederick and W.H. Flachtemeier passed away, the company was left to Frederick's son, Arthur S. Flachtemeier. The company continued to prosper throughout his lifetime and after Arthur passed away the company was sold to Emil and Willard Brown in 1947. The Browns then passed the business down to their son-in-law and daughter, Brian and Dawn Pruitt in 1984. Throughout the time the Brown and Pruitt families operated the business, Flachtemeier Monument Works continued the family owned tradition and provided quality and reliable service to the Freeport community.

In 2002 the Pruitt family sold Flachtemeier Monuments to the Peter Troost Monument Company. The Troost family has had its own family history in the monument industry, with Lisa Troost currently as its fifth generation president. Peter Troost Monument Co. continues to operate Flachtemeier Monuments maintaining the original family-owned traditions and values. Throughout the history of Flachtemeier Monuments, each family has had one goal--to provide Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin with reliable, quality service and superior products. Flachtemeier Monuments continues the legacy by paying attention to detail and providing superior craftsmanship to the communities it serves. Just as the Flachtemeier brothers took pride in their quality of craftsmanship in the 1870's, Flachtemeier Monument Company today is still dedicated today to providing quality service to each of its customers.